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Pupil Leaders

At Kingsbury Green, we recognise that our children are the leaders of the future and therefore provide a range of opportunities for children to develop their leadership skills. Children’s voice is valued and promoted – each academic year, our children are given a platform to express the views of their school to help shape its development.

By offering leadership opportunities, we had sought to foster a sense of responsibility, confidence, and initiative among our pupils, enabling them to develop essential skills that can be applied throughout their lives.

Creating roles for children to take further active leadership in the school is a commitment that stems from our values of Ambition, Character and Empathy.

Throughout the last three years, a wide range of leadership roles were introduced and assigned to pupils across various year groups. These roles include;

  • School Councillor
  • Eco-champion
  • Reading Champions
  • Reading mentors
  • Library monitors/Scanners
  • Digital Leaders
  • Well-Being Ambassadors
  • Sports Leaders

Each role was designed to provide opportunities for pupils to take charge, demonstrate initiative, and develop important life skills. For some of our leadership positions, children are elected by their peers through a democratic process. Others require children to apply for posts often requiring a written letter of application, giving a presentation and going through an interview process. 

Pupil Leadership was a designated Area of Excellence

Pupil Leadership was accredited as an ‘Area of Excellence’ in our 2023 Challenge Partners Review. This area was identified as a strength due to the approach the school uses to build leadership attitude amongst children through Pupil Roles.

Reading Champions

At Kingsbury Green, we place Reading at the heart of everything that we do. We know that a school culture that embraces reading is one that fosters intellectual growth, imagination, and a lifelong love for learning.

Within this culture, Reading Champions play a vital role in cultivating a community of readers and inspiring a passion for books among their peers. By actively engaging in various reading promotion activities, these young leaders become catalysts for positive change, creating an environment where reading becomes an integral part of the school's ethos.

Reading Champions, being pupils themselves, possess a unique ability to influence their peers positively. Their leadership role empowers them to advocate for reading, making it cool and desirable among their classmates.

As children see their friends enthusiastically engaged in reading, they are more likely to develop an interest in books and seek out reading opportunities. Reading Champions act as relatable role models for their peers. They embody a growth mindset by continually seeking opportunities to improve their reading skills and expand their literary knowledge.

By promoting a growth mindset, they help dismantle the notion that reading is a static skill and inspire their peers to embrace challenges, discover new genres, and explore diverse perspectives through books. They help to support the school in introducing books that feature characters from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, thus encouraging empathy and understanding among their peers.

Well-Being Ambassadors

At KGPS we believe it is essential that all our children have access to mental wellbeing support. It helps them to learn effectively, cope with day- to- day challenges, and develop into resilient young adults.

Our pupil wellbeing ambassadors can promote positive thinking and resilience by sharing strategies for positive mental health and wellbeing. We want our children to be able to ask for help as well as accept support from others. We want them to understand their emotions and feelings better and be comfortable in sharing any concerns or worries. We want to promote self-esteem and ensure every child knows that they count and belong in our school.

Digital Leaders

At Kingsbury Green, our aim is to provide every child with a high-quality computing education that enables them to make sense of and contribute positively to the technologically diverse world that we live in.

Our digital leaders act as ambassadors and peer mentors for the effective, safe and responsible use of digital technologies, helping to foster a positive and inclusive digital environment within our school community. They are trained and encouraged to develop their own confidence and expertise in using a range of digital devices and to promote good digital etiquette to others.

School Council

Our school council exists to enable pupils to take an active and collaborative role in decision making across many aspects of school organisation and leadership. Through the council, children enact their democratic role and learn more about the role of democracy in British Values and social, moral and cultural development.

The school council lead assemblies and specific campaigns, write reports for the governors and meet them 3 times a year.

2 children from each class from Y2-6 meet every 3 weeks to discuss their agreed agenda and discuss and make decisions.

We have an important role in school because we are the voice of all the other children. We are proud to represent our classmates who voted for us.

We have meetings with our teacher, who supports us and guides us, but we are the ones who make the main decisions. We lead assemblies and always make sure we listen to all our peers in class and in the playground. We consider all their ideas and then we decide which is best for our school.
So far, we have led projects to:

  • Design our new school uniform including the logo
  • Improve the KS1 playground to include exciting climbing frames suitable for younger children
  • We successfully campaigned for, costed and designed the outdoor gym in the KS2 playground.
  • We organised a British tea party to celebrate the Royal Wedding.
  • We organised the competition to choose the new school journal cover.
  • Checked the air quality around our school as part of the Breathe Clean campaign.

We have faced some obstacles along the way but we have always found a solution.

We are proud of our accomplishments throughout the years. It shows what we can achieve if we pull together and work hard.

Pupil Voice


The Eco-Champions are a group of pupils from across the school (Reception- Year 6) who are campaigning to promote looking after the school environment to tackle global issues on a local scale. The club has gone from strength to strength and is in its 5th year of Eco- work around Kingsbury Green Primary School!

This year, the club is running a campaign to reduce the amount of single use plastic bags, bottles and straws wasted. They are doing this because they want to make a difference and protect sea creatures and birds who are being trapped in human plastic waste. 

The club also wants to receive recognition for all their hard work through two separate Awards; the Eco-Schools Green Flag Accreditation and the Woodland Trust’s Green Tree School Award. Their journey on both awards has resulted in the Eco-champions completing an environmental review and focusing on three projects around school to help the environment.

The first action is Marine- ensuring children across the school use reusable water bottles, and reduce the amount of plastic bags and straws wasted. They have thought about ways to reuse plastic bags and straws and have used the technique of weaving to create new objects with a purpose like fans and mats rather than throwing them away.

Their second action is around waste and litter. They are encouraging children to recycle paper and put it into the correct bin which they are collecting at lunchtimes. The Eco-Champions have joined forces with the litter pickers to ensure the school grounds are kept litter free.

The final action is on saving energy by ensuring lights, projectors and other electrical equipment is switched off when not in use. The Eco-Champions have been monitoring the impact of their actions and have shared their successes with the school community through newsletters, assemblies and conversations with their peers.

Due to the hard work of the Eco-Champions, the school has achieved the ECO SCHOOLS GREEN FLAG AWARD which means we are officially an Eco School! The Eco-Champions have also achieved the highest Platinum Green Tree Schools Award by the Woodland Trust for getting involved in green activities such as reducing carbon emissions, learning about their school environment and recycling.

Well done to the Eco-champions for inspiring the whole school community together to achieve these awards. The entire school community is proud of their achievements