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Our Governors

The Governing Board is a group of volunteer representatives who, alongside the school's leadership team, set the strategic direction for the school. Our governors are active, informed and committed to the ethos and values of our school.

Governors work together to carry out their core functions:

  1. ensuring there is clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. holding leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils and the performance management of staff
  3. overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent
  4. ensuring the voices of stakeholders are heard

Our Governing Board comprises of parent, staff, community and local authority representatives.

The Board is split into two main sub-committees:

  1. Finance, HR and Resources
  2. Curriculum and Standards

Each committee meets 3 times a year with a full board meeting 4 times a year. In addition to this, governors visit the school termly to see the school in action. The diverse composition of our board is valued and is reflective of the community the school serves. Should you wish to contact a member of the Governing Board, please do so through the school office.


Chair of Governors:                                                                               Chantelle Corbyn-Thomas

Chair of the Finance, HR and Resources Committee:      Emem Blessing Timmons Draude

Chair of the Curriculum and Standards Committee:        David Cumbers 


Becoming a Governor - Are you interested in becoming a Governor at KGPS?

If you are the parent or carer of a child at the school, you can stand in the next parent governor election. All eligible parents and carers are invited to stand for election as parent governors when a current parent governor’s term ends. You can nominate yourself or ask someone to nominate you.

If you are a member of staff, you can stand in the next staff governor election. All staff are invited to stand for election as staff governor when a current staff governor’s term ends.

Co-opted governors are appointed by the Board of Governors, if you are interested in becoming a Co-opted Governor you should contact Brent Governor Support. LA Governors are appointed by Brent Local Education Authority.

If you would like a paper copy of any information found on the website, please contact the school office.

Chantelle Corbyn-Thomas – Parent Governor / Chair of Governors

Chantelle Corbyn ThomasChantelle is a Parent Governor in her third term following her appointment in April 2021. 

Chantelle is the Chair of Governors and holds a deep appreciation for the pivotal role that governing bodies play in shaping the direction and quality of education. She believes a strong governing body, working in partnership with the school's leadership team, can make a significant difference in the lives of pupils and the broader community.

Chantelle grew up and lives in the borough and believes in giving back her time and skills to local organisations. She brings experience in people analytics, budgets and financial performance from working in Government Finance, as a Finance Business Partner. This role has honed her leadership skills, strategic and communication skills to work collaboratively with a diverse range of stakeholders to achieve common goals.

Chantelle is an approachable person and enjoys engaging with a diverse range of people to capture their contributions to the on-going success of our school.

Chantelle believes in the importance of a holistic and inclusive approach to education, one that nurtures not only academic excellence but also the personal and character development of each pupil.

Chantelle is proud to be part of the Kingsbury Green Primary School’s Governing Board and to support and challenge KGPS to achieve its stretching vision and values for our pupils, staff and parents to aspire to be ACE in everything we do; Ambitious, (assured of our own) Character and Empathetic!

  • Appointed by parents
  • Term of office: 20.04.2021-19.04.2025
  • Declaration of Interest: None

Sanjana Karnani – Vice Chair / Local Authority Governor

Sanjana KarnaniSanjana is a co-opted governor, appointed in 2024.

She is an E Commerce Entrepreneur, Mentor and Speaker. She brings extensive experience in business strategy and general business acumen. Sanjana calls herself “Compassionate Capitalist” as pure philanthropy is not an answer to social problems and being a proponent of women empowerment, she believes women have to take a greater role and thus encourages women’s skill development and entrepreneurship. Sanjana is passionate about education and is committed to education and is delighted to be on KGPS governing board.




  • Appointed by Governing Board
  • Term of office: 17.03.24-16.03.28
  • Declaration of Interest: None

Emem Blessing Timmons Draude – Co-opted Governor

EmemBlessing is a co-opted governor and chairs the Resources Committee. She was appointed in July 2022. She grew up and schooled in Harrow, and now lives in Brent. 

She brings experience in public sector finance, having qualified as a public finance accountant and worked as a public sector auditor and advisor. She currently works as a policy advisor in the Department of Business and Trade. 

She has experience developing, leading and delivering Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion initiatives focussed on career progression for people from underrepresented backgrounds, and establishing more inclusive work environments through knowledge campaigns and facilitated events. 


  • Appointed by Governing Board
  • Term of office: 04.07.22 - 03.07.26
  • Declaration of Interest: None

Luke Havers – Co-opted Governor

LukeLuke was appointed to the governing board as a co-opted governor in September 2022.

Previously, he was a commissioned officer in the Royal Marines, serving overseas in the Middle East and Africa over a period of eight years. He also worked for two years in military training compliance and oversight, where he was engaged with Ofsted in training establishment inspections. He subsequently left the military and moved into strategy consulting, where he worked across a broad range of commercial industries, and has since moved to work in a large corporate operating in the technology space.

He is a strong believer in state education and community service and looks forward to contributing to the local community and the development of Kingsbury Green through his role on the governing board.

  • Appointed by Governing Board
  • Term of office: 15.09.22 - 14.09.26
  • Declaration of Interest: None

Pamela Sarayiah – Co-opted Governor

Pamela SarayiahPamela is a Co-opted Governor, following her previous role as Parent Governor, which commenced when her eldest child was in Reception - almost six years ago.

She has 2 children in the school and is passionate about helping the Brent community where she, herself, grew up.

During her time as a school governor, Pamela has had deep involvement with the curriculum and offers support, challenge, and insight. She has been the Maths Governor for the past 5 years, working with the school’s Head of Maths as well as previous roles including the English Curriculum Governor. She is also an advocate for Music and the Arts and is proud of the school’s well-rounded offer that is available for every child in the school.

Pamela holds an MA degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and works in Strategy and Business Consulting, where she helps companies to articulate strategy and translate this into actionable programmes.

Pamela also leads a community pop choir in her spare time.

  • Appointed by Governing Board
  • Term of office: 09.12.21-08.12.25
  • Declaration of Interest: None

Hasina Dabasia – Co-opted Governor

Hasina DabasiaHasina is a co-opted school governor since July 2021 now in her third year of appointment.

She was a former student at KGPS over two decades ago where she grew up in Brent so being on the governing board is a valuable and important opportunity for Hasina. Outside of her governor role, she’s a Producer at Wellcome Collection Museum programming content for young people on science, medicine, life, and art. Hasina has worked with young people and communities for the past 11 years and understands the value of giving back to communities and the importance it holds for people. She’s passionate about creativity, inclusive practice, community engagement and her interests lie in inclusion, anti-racism, equity, and people centred approaches and prefers to work through collaborative and innovative models of practice.

Hasina loves embedding lived experience narratives into cultural and artistic projects and has an extensive background engaging with underrepresented audiences. In her current area of work, Hasina has sat on an anti-racism staff forum and advocated for the development of a toolkit for staff to centre and model anti-racist practices and sat on the Race Equity Network pushing the organisation to lead the way as a racially diverse and inclusive employer, funder, and advocate for better science and health research.

People Hasina has worked with describe her as:

“Hasina shares my commitment to anti racism and decolonisation and similarly values authentic inclusion practices, social justice and empowerment for marginalised people in the arts and heritage sector.”

“Striving to make the world a better place are things that draw her experiences together. Her insights from working as a governor, and her time in the third sector, and now in museums - make her someone you can definitely learn loads from”.

  • Appointed by Governing Board
  • Term of office: 13.07.21-12-07.25
  • Declaration of Interest: None

David Cumbers – Co-opted Governor

Davd CumbersDavid has been a teacher of physics at Kingsbury High School for more than 20 years.

He has had various responsibilities, including initial teacher training and supporting early career teachers, and for a number of years as an Advanced Skills Teacher worked with Year 6 Kingsbury Green pupils on science projects to support their transition to Year 7.  He is now responsible for staff wellbeing, CPD, induction and E-systems.  A great believer in the outside classroom and the power of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, he understands the importance of seeing the whole learner as a developing person, not just as a receptacle of subject knowledge.



  • Appointed by Governing Board
  • Term of office: 14.12.22-13.12.26
  • Declaration of Interest: Teacher at Kingsbury High School (Feeder School)

Gemma Musgrave – Co-opted Governor

Gemma Musgrave

Gemma has been a co-opted Governor at KGPS since July 2022 and link SEN Governor for the past academic year.

Gemma is an experienced Educational Psychologist and has worked for the last 10 years for Hertfordshire County Council. More recently she has worked in private practice.

Gemma has vast experience supporting schools and families with children who have special educational needs and disabilities. She has particular expertise in autism and believes strongly in creating inclusive classrooms for neurodiverse children. Gemma is a mother of three young children, who attend a local Brent state primary school. She is looking forward to contributing further to the local Brent community and supporting KGPS in its vision.

  • Appointed by Governing Board
  • Term of office: 04.07.22-03.07.26
  • Declaration of Interest: None

Dr Noorulhuba Jawad - Parent Governor

Noor JawadNoor is a Parent Governor, appointed to the Governing Board in 2022, and has chaired the Curriculum and Standards Committee. She attended primary school in Brent and has lived in the borough for most of her adult life. She has two children at the school. 

As an NHS Consultant Paediatric Radiologist, she brings skills of leadership, empathy and teamwork to the Governing Board, as well as experience in safeguarding children. She values a state education and aims to use her skills to drive forward the school's ethos and vision.



  • Appointed by parents
  • Term of office: 18.01.22-17.01.26
  • Declaration of Interest: None

Hana Abdi- Parent Governor

HanaHana is a proud mother of a Year 2 pupil at Kingsbury Green Primary School as well as a dedicated parent governor.

As a software engineer & technical professional for over 8 years, she brings her technical skills and knowledge to the governing board. In particular, she would like to continue to raise awareness in the community around online safety and help children know ways to stay protected on the internet.

Hana’s dedication to fostering a positive learning environment is evident in her active participation in the governing board. Overall, she is passionate about being part of the Kingsbury Community and relishes in conversations regarding children’s future.


  • Appointed by Parents

  • Term of office: 07.11.2022 - 06.11.2026

  • Declaration of Interest

Asharner Duncan- Staff Governor

Asharner DuncanAsharner is an accomplished educator at Kingsbury Green Primary School who also serves as a school governor.

With ten years of teaching experience under her belt, she brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the board. Her dedication shines through as she uses her extensive teaching background to challenge school decisions, ensuring that they are in the best interest of pupils and staff. Asharner’s profound understanding of the school’s inner workings, makes her a vital advocate for positive change.




  • Appointed by Staff
  • Term of office: 01.09.22-31.08.26
  • Declaration of Interest: None

Reena Shah - Ex-Officio Governor

Reena ShahReena started her career in education in 1998.  She was appointed as Headteacher of a 3-form entry primary school in March 2020.

She is an experienced senior leader and has worked at the school since 2008. During this time, she had led in various areas including teacher training and leadership development, curriculum development, assessment and safeguarding. She has worked in schools to support the development of middle leaders. Prior to taking up headship, Reena worked as a primary mathematics consultant for a Local Authority Advisory Service. She is passionate about teaching, learning and the character development of young people to enable them to be the best version of themselves.

Associate Members

Associate members are not full governors but are appointed by the governing board to bring expertise and experience in specific areas to committees.

They may be appointed for a period of between one and four years. They may attend full Governing board meetings but do not have voting rights.  Associate members may chair committees.

Kareena Bathija- Associate member


Kareena Bathija is an Associate Governor at KGPS. She has been a part of governing board since 2018. Kareena has experience of working across primary school from Early years to Year 6. She currently leads Early Years and works with the school community to further develop Parent Partnership.

Kareena believes that every child is unique, and they must achieve their full potential. With a deep awareness that every child gets one opportunity to develop and grow in each year group, Kareena works hard to ensure children at Kingsbury Green Primary School deserve the best. She knows that high-quality teaching team develops through strong and compassionate leadership and that is what she strives to offer. Her belief is that with the right guidance and support, every teacher can and as a result every child can. Kareena’s passion about developing an effective Early years curriculum that supports young children to succeed, is evident in the manner she supports the governing board execute and challenge decisions.

Joanne McDermott – Associate Member

Jo McDermottJo McDermott is an Associate Member of the Governing Body.  She has worked extensively in Brent throughout her teaching career and been committed in her approach to serving her community, fostering positive relations with families and helping to drive standards for children. As a Deputy Head Teacher, Jo relishes the opportunity of working in partnership with the Governing Body to break down barriers to learning and to help steer the school's strategic vision in ensuring that all children, no matter what their starting points, reach their true potential

Simon Topping – Clerk to Governors

Simon ToppingSimon is the Clerk to Governors and has supported the Governing Board for over 10 years. Simon has also been a governor at maintained nursery, primary and secondary schools and held various GB and Committee Chair and Link Governor roles.

Simon has a professional background working in early help and preventative services and is passionate about empowering families to thrive, reducing the impact of inequalities, and enabling children to achieve to the best of their abilities.



  • Appointed by the Governing board
  • Term of office: 07.09.2023 - 06.09.2024
  • Declaration of Interest