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Our curriculum

Kingsbury Green primary school curriculum vision 2017-2020


  • We intend to deliver a knowledge rich and engaging curriculum which provides children with a purpose for learning.
  • We intend to incorporate meta-cognition skills and learning skills such as practice, study and revision, planning, feedback and evaluation.
  • Our implementation will create a thirst for full knowledge and develop enquiring minds.
  • We recognise the importance of the English Language, oracy and a specific vocabulary within each subject area.
  • We intend to develop a life long interest in learning skills and values.
  • We intend to maintain academic rigour thorough implementation and assessment

During 2018-2019 we will be developing our specific vision, intent, implementation and evaluation approach for each subject area.

Our curriculum matches the needs of our learners –children may be taught as a whole class, in smaller groups or on an individual basis. Increasingly too our learning is happening outdoors and off site. 

Assessing children’s learning

Teachers plan learning on a weekly, half-termly and annual basis. Please see the long term planning document for more information and an overview for each year group across the year. Weekly and half-termly planning is always adapted and designed based on what children already know, any gaps in their knowledge and with the end of year programmes of study in mind. If you open the tabs below, you can see the key objectives that teachers use to assess progress.

The PDF’s below give information on the National Curriculum and assessment objectives which we follow year by year.