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Our curriculum

  Importantly it is founded on  values of citizenship and we continue to develop our teaching of history, geography and the arts to ensure we are exercising children’s skills and knowledge as local, national and global citizens.  Our curriculum captures and explores what it means to live in and contribute to British Society through learning about democracy, free speech and in appreciation of the laws of the country; it is a live and developing programme of learning reflecting the rapidly changing world around them. As opportunities arise we may adapt and adopt new themes, topics and aspects of interest for our children.     Our children (and staff) have told us that rightly, that they want learning to be “fun” and to as have many opportunities as possible to learn together in different ways. Our goals in 2014-15 are to harness and embed different ways of learning and working together across all subjects.Our curriculum matches the needs of our learners –children may be taught as a whole class, in smaller groups or on an individual basis. Increasingly too our learning is happening outdoors and off site.   Assessing children’s learningTeachers plan learning on a weekly, half-termly and annual basis. Please see the long term planning document for more information and an overview for each year group across the year. Weekly and half-termly planning is always adapted and designed based on what children already know, any gaps in their knowledge and with the end of year programmes of study in mind. If you open the tabs below, you can see the key objectives that teachers use to assess progress.

The PDF’s below give information on the new national curriculum and assessment objectives which we follow year by year.