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Religious Education

We follow the Brent Syllabus for Religious Education

As members of a multi-faith school in a multi- faith community we are clear that this learning supports tolerance, understanding, appreciation and care for each other. This desire to learn about and from each other is a key British Value and whilst parents retain the right to withdraw pupils from all or part of RE it is a strong feature of our community that all children want to take the opportunity to learn about each other’s faith or non-faith background.

Learning about and from different religions aligns where possible with other aspects or themes which the children are learning and may take place weekly or in a block of learning.

We have good links with local places of worship with visits to and visitors from these places a strong feature of our inclusive practice.

Collective Worship

We hold a daily act of collective worship in classrooms, in key stage groups or as a whole school. We say a lunchtime reflection. We collectively celebrate important events across the year recognising key religious and cultural events in our locality e.g. Advent, Eid, Diwali, Hanukkah, Guru Nanak’s Birthday, United Nations day, International Women’s day. We hold assemblies to reflect on our common values and stories, share songs and reflect on spiritual, moral and social issues.