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Ofsted report

Kingsbury Green is an outstanding school. Our latest report (Feb 16) stated…

The headteacher has created a ‘no excuse culture’. Senior leaders are single-minded in their pursuit of excellence for all pupils. Expectations for all pupils are exceptionally high"

Leaders are totally focused on building leadership capacity at all levels, and in developing the quality of teaching"

"Pupils make outstanding progress from their starting points, in all subjects, including English and mathematics"

"Children in the Nursery have an excellent start to their education, they make rapid progress"

"Pupils are thoughtful, highly motivated and successful learners. The wealth of opportunities for them to take on responsibilities results in individuals who are mature and confident beyond their years"

"Partnerships are outstanding. The school reaches out to parents, so that they are better able to support their children’s learning"

"Pupils know that if they work hard they will succeed. They develop clear aspirations for career pathways for the future. They are exceptionally well prepared for life in modern Britain"

"Safeguarding is a high priority for all adults. Consequently, pupils are kept very safe, and are taught how to keep themselves safe"