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Mission Statement

Kingsbury Green Ethos, Vision and Mission Statement

Achieving our ambition to become a world class school is the next natural step for Kingsbury Green. Our track record of ambitiously establishing a compelling vision and then systematically setting out to achieve this has brought great success for children and the community.

This vision document has been derived from consultation with staff, pupils, parents and governors and is now in its final form and is based on the principles of high performance learning

Ethos: High performance learning principles:

  • We are a “#LearningFirst” school. This means teaching is driven by assessment of pupils needs. Our goal is to be rid of labels that define pupil “ability”. Our goal is to be rid of ability groups and any other form of ceiling to children’s learning.
    We aspire to remove limiting language and practice from our pedagogy.
  • We focus on our children, their profile and identify and what kind of child we want to develop and build our accountability around this
  • We create a core curriculum that matches our vision and enrich it accordingly
  • We make it explicit to children what we are aiming for and their role
  • We ensure children trust us to enable them to be successful
  • Academic and pastoral support goes hand in hand – in partnership with families
  • We ensure consistency – all classes – each year group
  • We know that potential +personal motivation + opportunities and support = high achievement

Vision statement

At Kingsbury Green we will create the opportunities for all children, parents and staff to expect excellence as standard. The learning climate and environment will offer and develop in children and staff, empathy, intellectual and physical agility and the pleasure of hard work and a job done well.

Empathy, Agility & Hard work: The values, attitudes and attributes which will enable us to achieve high performance and be a world class school.


Enterprise Education link: Focus for 16-20

(Relationships first)
working in a team
  • Co-agency in developing curricula and assessment methods across cluster schools
  • Learning First (this means further development of our assessment led learning principles)
  • Lesson study embedded as a staff led professional development method
  • All staff collaborate to develop 2 consecutive learning projects per year
Concerned for society

(Humility, Respect, Children first)
working in a team leading
  • John Muir/ outdoor/ horticulture learning units systematically embedded in the curriculum for KS1 and 2 pupils
  • Global development has greater focus across the curriculum
  • Curriculum events systematically offered across the school year (Reading, writing, maths skills, mastery )
  • Character/ EE passport in place for all pupils

Aiming high/ leadership
  • KS 2 have routine drama lessons
  • PPG have drama lessons after school
  • Debate / “mantle of expert in Y4,5,6” in place for 2017-18
  • SEND access enabled in all lessons through use of Clicker /
  • Y5,6 plan and deliver own learning reviews (2x / yr)


Enterprise Education link: Focus for 16-20

(Thirst for knowledge, intellectual curiousty)
Using imagination

Sharing ideas
  • Enquiry based curriculum units (cluster group led by Hinal to Wroxham) encourage mastery approach
  • Principles of Visible Learning – used to underpin Children develop own expert presentations (greater depth)
  • IT uses as tool for delivery with confidence and ease
  • Staff foster enquiry based learning for their own PD (IRIS Connect)
Creative and enterprising

Using imagination

Sharing ideas
  • Musical excellence - all KS2 YG learn tuned instruments by 17-18
  • Competitive sports embedded feature by July 2018
  • Knowledge focus of curriculum reviewed
  • Writing – revised provision leading to raised standards
  • Careers focus – KS2 careers fair each summer
Open minded Stay positive
  • Adult learning hub – monthly Journal club.
  • John Hattie’s 10 mind frames for teachers underpin all PD
  • Learning faculties developed to ensure succession planning of staff through aspects of school life( EY/ SEN/ CP/ leadership)
  • Growth Mind set training/ ongoing support for parents
Risk taking Aiming high

Listening carefully
  • French visit – Y6; Sleep overs Y5
  • Family camping Weekend – June 2017 onward
  • Goats! (leadership project for targeted pupils)

Hard work

Enterprise Education link: Focus for 16-20
Practice Aiming high

Staying positive
  • Mastery as standard – fewer things in greater depth
  • Raised attainment in reading, writing and maths to national standards
  • Home work: knowledge organisers (flipped learning each week) Mathletics, Spelling homework in place Sept 16
  • “No opt out”; SLANT; “do it again” “100%” embedded - USA visit to see TLaC techniques & bring back to train schools across the cluster
Perseverance Problem solving
  • Enterprise Education: food to market project run by a year group – ch market and sell veg and produce
  • Competitive sports offer developed further – sports teams compete with local schools
Resillience Leading

Using imagination
  • Y6 end of year reviews / termly reviews to parents and HT
  • Leadership pathway in place for all children and staff. Career planning from day 1

All Mid / TLR and SLT undertake ESCI ( emotional intelligence 360)